Transparency of Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Is the Aim of a New Bill - ABI

House lawmakers concerned about the possibility of self-dealing and other hidden conflicts of interest in Puerto Rico’s $123 billion bankruptcy introduced a measure yesterday intended to strengthen reporting requirements, after one of the case’s most influential consultants was shown to have an undisclosed stake in Puerto Rico’s debt, the New York Times reported. Representatives put the bipartisan measure forward after the Times reported that the consultant, McKinsey & Company, had bought millions of dollars’ worth of Puerto Rican bonds at a deep discount and had not disclosed that investment. That puts the consulting firm, which is advising a federal oversight board as it leads the island through fiscal reforms and a debt restructuring, in a position to profit from the plans that it is helping to design. “The people of Puerto Rico can’t have faith that this oversight board is putting their interests first if consultants helping implement the restructuring could profit from how much debt service is available under the very fiscal plans they design,” said Representative Nydia M. Velázquez (D-N.Y.), who is the lead sponsor of the bill…

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